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CHNCON founded in 1999, is a Nasdaq listed enterprise .We are an international leading supplier of new pipeline solutions and still focus on the R&D of new pipeline products with core technologies. CHNCON is committed to delivering new pipeline products with significant advantages of healthy, safe, economical and energy saving to all over the world , connecting the world with ingenuity and making human life better.

Currently, CHNCON's business have spreaded more than 500 cities in China and exported to over20 countries and regions, benefiting nearly 20 million families.

With the enterprise mission of “providing the world with new technology and high quality pipes”, we supply competitive reliable pipeline system products as well as  some relevant solutions and services to clients in the fields of Building Water Supply、Municipal Water Supply、Home Decoration、Fire Protection、HVAC、Siphon Drainage and so on. CHNCON maintains strategic partnership with top500 enterprises both at home and abroad, focus on the needs of clients. We continue to create greater value,keep forging ahead and strive to build CHNCON into a new pipeline ecological platform with international influence, promote the healthy development of urban ecological environment together.


Business in more than 500 cities in China


Export to more than 20 countries and regions


Nearly 20 million families benefited


1、What can CHNCON do?

CHNCON a national high-tech enterprise, specializing in developing , manufacturing and selling new pipeline products with core technologies. To meet the needs of different fields , a variety of connection modes, material series of pipe products are produced and developed by a new pipeline core technology leader —CHNCON . The main connection modes are press fitting, bugle,Socket welding, groove,etc. The main materials for producing pipeline are TWSSP、PCSSP、PCCSP, its main raw materials are all adopted from international leading steel production enterprises such as POSCO. CHNCON possesses more than 20 IIPR and was awarded as “National Stainless steel pipe connection Technology Lab”  “ZheJiang Pipeline Technology Institution” .


2、Which areas would CHNCON focus on ?

Since 20 years , CHNCON has devoted all his heart to Municipal Water Supply , Building Water Supply , Gas , Fire Protection , HVAC , Home Decoration for establishing corresponding independent project business department and providing leading-edge products , top service as well as perfect project system solution. CHNCON’s customer satisfaction rate up to 99% becomes the industry benchmark brand especially in the areas of Municipal Water Supply , Building Water Supply.


3. What is the scale of CHNCON?

CHNCON’s registered fund is 100 million RMB, respectively opened two production base in WenZhou ZheJiang and LinYi ShangDong to provide more convenient service for domestic cities. From now on, CHNCON has expanded more than 500 operation center and over 2000 service station, fully meet the needs of our customers. CHNCON has already become the leading brand in industry in production capacity and sales volume.


4、What does CHNCON persists in ?

For 20 years, CHNCON has researched and innovated in the fields of new pipeline constantly , resisted all external temptations and distractions, and has been customer-focused, technology-driven, product-oriented and talent-essential. It has no distractions to manufacture pipe , constantly challenging and surpassing ourselves. CHNCON has the courage to take on responsibilities , carry the banner of the industry and strive to set a new benchmark for new pipeline industry. With the enterprise mission of “ provide the world with new technology and high quality pipes”, we will persevere and move forward.


5、What does CHNCON strive for?

(1). Create value for customers
Cooperating with strategic partners in various fields, CHNCON provides “health and economical” new pipeline system solutions and services to terminal customers constantly, let customers experience the high-end products that save money, time, labor and trouble. CHNCON series of pipeline products are helping millions of people enjoy high-quality and healthy modern life.

(2).Create a platform for employees
CHNCON has always adhered to the people-oriented spirit of “together with dreamers” and focus on cultivating the humanistic quality of “struggle, dedication, persistence”for team, strive to fine a balance between dream and work practice, Knowledge and action should go hand in hand. CHNCON selects and cultivates enterprise cadres through responsibility and the sense of mission, let employees take CHNCON as their personal career platform.Forge ahead and grow, through achieving company’s value to realize their personal life dream.

(3).Create benefits for society
Through the power of focus , CHNCON dedicates to the development and delivery of high-end new pipeline products, continues to create product added value and wealth for the society , create tax revenue for our country . Meanwhile , CHNCON constantly drive economic benefits for the industrial chain upstream and downstream. Never forget the original intention , keep the mission in mind , and make unremitting efforts for social development .

(4).Build a benchmark for industry
Though 20 years of unremitting efforts, CHNCON finally walks in the forefront of the new pipeline industry. Taking the initiative to join various industry associations and become one of the main association members , CHNCON has established cooperative alliances with hundreds of urban architectural design units and built strategic cooperative partnerships with hundreds of large group units. CHNCON obtains countless awards and qualifications in the professional fields but we are never content with these . We are well aware that as a rapidly developing blue ocean field , the market space is vast and the industry is full of opportunities , and it also faces numerous challenges and endless possibilities. We can only manufacture every product and service every customers without distractions . Meanwhile, keep learning from the peer humbly , to be invincible , to gain respect ,to get the market lasting favor . Almost any industry is all rise and fall together. Therefore , CHNCON is always self-discipline ,do self good job ,really achieve the market pattern of “carry the banner of the industry , help the industry prosperity”

(5).Protect the health of mankind
In the past century or two , numerous public health events affect the world that have proved mankind is a community of shared future. Health is of paramount importance to the survival and development , peace and happiness of people in the world. Since 21st century , mankind has entered an era of great health. It is a common mission of mankind to care for and promote human health,CHNCON keeps the corporate mission in mind , convey green environmental pipe to the society , spares no effort to contribute value to the great cause of human health.

(6).Promote development of the world
On the one hand, CHNCON starts from raw material , commits to green environmental protection , health and energy saving , high quality materials , manufacture pipeline products that reduces carbon emissions and water pollution to promote a healthier planet. On the other hand, CHNCON strives to promote high-quality pipeline products at home and abroad,so that all mankind in the world can enjoy a healthier and more high-grade life. Last but not least, CHNCON is always aware of social responsibilities and care about public welfare undertakings, regularly participates in and carries out public charity activities so as to contribute beauty to the world . Sun shines , all live.


6、Business Mode

According to Municipal Water Supply System , Building Water Supply System , Gas System, other domestic water supply systems and any other fields , through the various service providers and third-party service providers, CHNCON offers high quality solutions of new pipeline products, realizing the layout of the whole industrial chain of research , production and marketing , jointly create value for customers , build a closed-loop platform of ecological value of the pipeline system and achieve a multi-win situation.



 Through continuous innovation, CHNCON can still stand at the head of the market and ensure the advantageous position of the industry in the market competition pattern

CHNCON firmly believes that only innovation can develop , can remain invincible. At present , CHNCON continues to invest heavily in research , development and production and make breakthroughs in key research and development as following aspects: firstly is longitudinal studies , strive to improve the technology and quality such as manufacturing technique , production equipment and product material to obtain greater market competitiveness . Second is cross-sectional studies,research new pipeline applications in new fields constantly and strive to overcome relevant technical challenges , expand product application areas such as fire protection , medical aspects, gas and so on.


8、Quality Standard

 As the core research unit of industry connection technology , CHNCON reveres product quality as revere life.CHNCON still holds a view that quality is the king of enterprise survival. No quality no development. It is because of quality that CHNCON can stay ahead of the industry.

National Stainless steel pipeline connection Lab was established in CHNCON in 2008 and ZheJiang Stainless Steel Pipeline Connection Technique Institution was established in CHNCON IN2018. In the meantime, CHNCON has edited or co-edited relevant national standards as well as urban construction standards. CHNCON is still further improving and revising the standards of some products. Not only perform the national standard but also far higher than national standard , there are more than 40 items are tested.

CHNCON strives to listen to customers’ opinion and constantly improves and optimizes product quality so as to better meet users’ demands of pipeline products in various fields.


Add:678 Dingxiang Road, Binhai Industrial Park
Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province People's Republic of China 

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