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The development of water supply pipe material


Generation 1: Galvanized pipe

Galvanized pipe was one of the pipes which put into use earlier , it was popular because of bargain.But it easy to cause secondary pollution in daily drinking water and do harm to people’s health for its corrosion.


Generation 2: PVC 

PVC-U water supply pipe was one of pipeline to replace galvanized pipe in early time, it has advantages of cheap and excellent flame resistance. However it has poor connection reliability and pressure resistance for it adopted adhesive connection.Thus it is not suitable to transport hot water.It was hard to ensure hygienic performance because it contains adhesive and chlorine. Although modified , it will still release chlorine with the change of external conditions.



PAP has a excellent hygienic performance which galvanized pipe and PVC don’t have. It is composed of two layers of plastic between an aluminum strip.It is easy to be segregated or damaged because of its poor adhesive performance when it’s for hot water pipeline system.It can only suit press fitting metal connection for easy leakage with PAP and actually the connecting material ‘s thermal expansion coefficient is not consistent causes it.



PPR is a new generation of green pipeline products produced by introducing foreign technology and raw material in the mid-1990s.However PPR pipe also has the shortcomings of cold brittleness and excessive expansion coefficient and PPR pipe is a breeding ground for the mass reproduction of bacteria. In the pipeline industry , the dirt on the inner wall of PPR pipe after being used for a period of time will be sampled and the detection result is a yellow rust tumor containing up to 50 kinds of bacteria


Generation5:Copper Pipe

Copper pipe has the advantages of small flow resistance、heat resistance、cold resistance and non-radiation aging .Meantime, the cost is high and require high welding skills and special expansion elimination equipment shall be set up for copper’s expansion. It will produces an excess of verdigris when the disable state up to 4hours.Verdigris is poisonous and can be used as an insecticide and it has astringent stimulation and sulfuric acid corrosion to human mucosa and also has stronger stimulative effect to gut and cause vomiting.(copper content can not be greater than2mg/L in drinking water. It will be smelly when copper content is more than3mg/L) Measures:let water flowing 10L before use when the disable state is up to 4hours.



Thin-walled stainless steel pipeline is a product which shows high technology and high quality. Stainless steel pipeline system can be free maintenance for 70years, it reflects a long term interests with equivalent value. Most importantly stainless steel pipeline is a recommended product in residence community and important project for secondary water supply as well as a reliable choice for citizens who think highly of drinking water’s quality ,let your investment for life benefit.Stainless steel pipeline adopts an advanced press fitting connection mode, it can be first successful pressed on construction site with special tools.There is no high temperature fire on construction site , no residue in the pipeline and no choke point.It is a simple and advanced connection mode.


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