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Bulge Pipe Fittings



Stainless Steel Pipeline of Bulge System


Bulge Connection Definition:

The technique of bulge connection , is an exclusive invention patent from ZhengKang:“a pipe joint”(ZL2004 2 0020559.2)、patent for utility models:“pipe expanding device for pipe connection ”(ZL2004 2 0021648.9).This technology draws on and absorbs looping flange and Japanese flexible connection ,which is a new type of pipeline connection technique in thin wall stainless steel pipe of security , reliability without leakage .


Bulge Connection Principle:

Roll the pipe from inside to outside with special flaring tool to form a flange ring in an appropriate placement,then put the rubber sealing ring of EPDM into pipe fittings with socket fittings, twist lock nut ,push the rubber sealing ring to achieve the sealing and connecting effects.


Bulge Connection Significant Features:

Easy Installation 
Easy installation , similar to galvanized pipe , ordinary worker needs 5mins to learn the installation method

Quick Installation
Processing pipe convex ring concentrated in the fixed site.After processing , workers can install with a common wrench , the installation speed is 20% faster than other modes,50% faster than welding

High Strength of connecting
Flange structure,connection strength of pipe fitting is high, is the largest mechanical connection strength except welding 

Easy to take apart ,modify and maintain
The pipe fittings are connected with thread or flange, the pipeline can be taken apart,pipe fittings can be reused to reduce the reconstruction cost.

Multistage seal
Use third degree of O-type sealing ring,multiple protection, safe and reliable without leakage

Long service life
Stainless Steel Pipeline of Bulge and Accessories Material

Stainless Steel Pipeline of Bulge and Accessories with Sealing Ring

Use food grade EPDM rubber

Stainless Steel Pipeline of Bulge and Accessory Executive Standard

Bulge pipes executive standard▼

GB/T12771-2008<Fluid Transport of Stainless Steel Welded Pipe >

CJ/T151-2016<Thin Wall Stainless Steel Pipes>

Bulge pipe fittings executive standard

Q/ZZK02-2017<Stainless Steel Bulge Fittings>


Sealing ring executive standard ▼

Q/ZZK02-2017<Stainless Steel Bulge Fittings>

Installation Standard▼

GB/T29038-2012<Technical Specification of Thin Wall Stainless Steel Pipes>

10S407-2<Installation of Thin Wall Stainless Steel Water Supply Pipeline>

CECS153-2003<Technical Specification of Construction Water Supply Thin WallStainless Steel Pipeline>


Stainless Steel Pipeline of Bulge and Accessory with Application Scope

Suitable for low pressure fluid transportation of hot and cold water,direct drinking water、heating、air condition、fire protection and gas for civil use , and also for low-pressure fluid transportation pf pharmaceutical , beverage , food , chemical and other industries.

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