Building Water Supply System

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Development status of building water supply system

一、Status of water supply pipeline

1、Traditional pipeline,mess in material 
Traditional pipeline has the following problems easy to lead to leakage,cracking,high leakage rate
●Water pipes are liable to age and burst under ultraviolet radiation
●Pipeline’s material is easy to oxidize and corrosion leads to secondary pollution of water quality
●Traditional pipeline has poor drawing capacity,soft material,poor pressure resistance and it’s easy to fall off in layers due to severe expansion and contraction of heat and cold


2、Mess in duties,lack of management
Likely to pass the buck when water meter goes something wrong,lack of management。

3、Livelihood Project, Focus in Popular will
Water quality is closely related to people’s life and it’s easy to become a hot and sensitive issue of public opinion

二、National Policies

1、The State Council issues policies
●<Opinions on Strengthening Urban Infrastructure>issued by the State Council in Sept 6th 2013.
◇Premier Li Keqiang emphasized that accelerating the upgrading and construction of urban water supply facilities is first goal and we would actively promote the urban and rural development with regional water supply,as well as strive to achieve a national urban penetration rate of 95%,and water quality standards by 2015
●In 2015,the State Council officially issued the “ Ten Water Rules”with some especial emphasis
◇Define standard time of drinking water,major rectification measures,testing method and the site as well as responsibility subjects
◇By 2020,over 93% of cities at or above the third level in centralized drinking water quality
◇Around 2030,over 95% of cities at or above the third level in centralized drinking water quality

2、Central Ministries and Commissions issue policies

●In January 2007, Ministry of Health issued a new standard for drinking water GB5749-2006 <Sanitary Standard for Daily Drinking Water >,which increased the water quality monitoring indexes of residential drinking water from 35 items to 106 items,and required the water quality monitoring sampling point to be extended to the end of the official website
●On January 2,2013,Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development issued that <National Civil Building Engineering Design Technical Measures> and GB50015< Technical Specification of Building Water Supply and drainage> and emphasized that water supply should use stainless steel pipe.
●On February 17,2015, Housing and Urban-Rural Development , NDRC, Ministry of Public Security ,Commission of Health and Family Planning jointly issued <Notice of Strengthening Urban Secondary Water Supply Facilities Construction and Management to Ensure the Water Quality and Safety> , it will ensure the safety of secondary water supply raised to national counter-terrorism strategy standard.What’s more ,it clears that the pipeline,pools and equipment from household water meters(including water meters) to municipal water supply facilities shall be operated and maintained by the owner of the unit designated by the local people’s government,actively encouraged water supply enterprises to gradually extend the management of water supply facilities to residential water meters
●On May 15 2017,Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development issued <Technical Regulations on Direct Drinking Water for Construction and Residential Areas>,which clearly pointed out the pipes for direct drinking water system should be made of stainless steel pipes that meet the requirements of food grade.
●According to the<GB/T50378-2019 Green Building Evaluation Standard> implemented by the ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development pointed out that stainless steel pipes and pipe fittings are required for indoor water supply pipeline
●GB50015-2019<Design Standards for Building Drainage> pointed out that indoor water supply pipes should be corrosion-resistant and installed with convenient and reliable stainless steel pipes


3、Local governments issue policies
●Fujian ,Changsha ,Shenzhen ,Nantong and other places have issued relevant legal documents,formulated the technical specifications of secondary water supply pipeline system,and clearly stipulated stainless steel pipeline should be used into the secondary water supply into the household pipeline.
三、Application Scenarios

①Cold and hot water pipe network
②Solar pipe network
③Direct drinking water pipe network
④Secondary water supply pipe network


四、Selections of connection method

The connection modes of press fitting and groove
Double Press fitting DN15-DN50     >DN50Groove connection 
The connection modes of press fitting and weld
Double Press fitting DN15-DN50     >DN50 Weld connection


ZhengKang stainless steel pipe and pipe fittings are made of food-grade material that meets the national standards of the People’s Republic of China (GB4806.1-2016)<National Standards for food safety, general safety requirements for food contact materials and products>
●No precipitation , won’t pollute water quality
●Stable performance,no chemical component volatilization
●There is no semi-permeable membrane effect in metal pipeline , which will not breed bacteria and other microorganisms
●Stainless steel is resistant to corrosion
●It is hardly affected by the speed of water flow
●It won’t be affected by water dissolved oxygen element
●Free maintenance
●Easy and quick installation ,less labor and cost
●Service life can up to 70 years ,low annual cost
●Stainless steel material can be recycled

六、Installation Standards

GB/T29038-2012<Technical Specification of Thin Wall Stainless Steel Pipes>

10S407-2<Installation of Thin Wall Stainless Steel Water Supply Pipeline>

CECS153-2003<Technical Specification of Construction Water Supply Stainless Steel Pipeline>

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