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Use the pipe cutting tool to cut the pipe to the length suitable for installation.The pipe cutting tool can be used with a pipe cutter or a pipe cutting machine as required



Insert the pipe with the nut into the roller core of the expansion convex machine and support the limiting surface of the roller core with the pipe end .Press down the core of the roll.Shake the handle to make the core rotate and drive the pipe and roller the rotate .Roll out the flange ring.


Insert the EDPM sealing ring into the pipe end in the right direction.The thick end of the seal is close to the convex ring of the pipe and the thin end is close to the pipe orifice.Insert the pipe with the sealing ring into the fitting and unscrew the lock nut onto the fitting 


Tighten the nut with a wrench so that the pipe and pipe fittings are firmly connected

CHNCON Installation Procedure

① Select pipe of required specification→
② Cut required length→
③ Put the fastening nut→
④ convex ring→
⑤ Insert the EDPM sealing ring→
⑥ Insert pipe fitting socket→
⑦ Fasten nut→
⑧ Fix pipeline→


1. Avoid heavy load,drub , throw and other behaviors that may easily cause deformation and damage of pipe during transportation.

2. Familiar with construction drawing , check the type and specification indicated by pipe and pipe fittings and whether meet the requirements of construction drawing marking or not

3. Use a pipe cutter or an alloy steel saw cutting machine to cut pipe .The cut should be perpendicular to pipe axis and the rough edge of the cut should be trimmed with a special file.

4. When the pipe is installed in the inlaid wall or buried under the ground , except for the opening section of the pipe , the heat shrink film can be removed without covering the pipe , which can protect the appearance of the pipe and reduce the erosion of acid, alkali and salt substance .When the pipe is applied openly , the protective film can be removed after installation.

5. CHNCON pipe is a thin-walled stainless steel pipe .When connected with valves , water nozzle , water meter and other plumbing accessories , shall not be hinged on the pipe sleeve wire , but connected through supporting pipe fittings and other wire fittings

6. Due to stainless steel has a certain amount of thermal expansion, therefore fixed support and movable support are set in the appropriate position and should be considered with the location of the expansion joint.Only on expansion joint shall be provided for the two fixed supports which shall be of sufficient strength.

When the pipe is passing through the wall , floor and the inlaid wall, it shall cooperate with the civil engineering to reserve holes and grooves.The dimensions should comply with regulations.The size of reserved holes should be 50-100mm larger than the outer diameter of the pipe.The depth of wall slot of the inlaid dark pipe should be 20mm longer than the outer diameter of the pipe.The width should be 45-50mm longer than the outer diameter of the pipe.The net space on the top of the overhead should not be less than 100mm.

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